Ryan Austin, a dedicated content strategist with a proven track record in empowering startups from seed to Series A. With a unique ability to simplify complex narratives and a passion for strategic marketing, Ryan captivates audiences while fostering business growth. 

Leveraging his exclusive network of high net worth family offices, he connects promising startups with the right people, fueling their success.


At Arondight Advisors, we don’t just market businesses; we build legends. In a world awash with fleeting impressions and short-lived ventures, we stand as the architects of enduring value. Drawing inspiration from the legendary sword of Sir Lancelot, Arondight Advisors is committed to precision, valor, and impact in every campaign we craft.

We specialize in financial marketing, investor-ready collateral creation, and organic growth strategies that not only attract capital but also forge lasting relationships. Our expertise extends to team building, succession planning, and strategic PR, and communications —ensuring that your venture isn’t just another startup, but a future industry leader.


Ryan Austin is a seasoned marketing professional with experience in the fintech, finance, and web3, and crypto spaces. His portfolio showcases a diverse range of work, from insightful articles and reports to comprehensive white papers and investor decks.

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