Keona Health, helmed by Oakkar Oakkar, is a Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based healthcare software company, that recently secured $7 million in a Series A-1 funding round on August 24.

The round was led by Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC), the growth capital arm of Riverside Company, elevating Keona’s valuation to $26.70 million.

The fresh capital will be channeled into the development of Keona’s flagship product, the CareDesk platform. This CRM system is engineered to simplify patient access to medical practices and features their proprietary Care 360 AI. The technology enables dynamic branching, seamless integration of patient databases, and clinically safe automation.

Why we like it: Keona Health stands out for its specialization in optimizing patient communication across a diverse range of medical specialties and locations. With a focus on large-scale management services organizations and an array of medical specialties, Keona is strategically positioned for further expansion, making it a key player in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

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